2018 Ford F-350 King Ranch 4WD Turbo-Diesel Long Bed * One-of-a-Kind Custom! *


One-of-a-Kind. I tried, but my pictures just don't do this beast justice! Just in on consignment from a long-time customer of ours. Texas 1-Owner / All Receipts. 100% Ready to go. This is truly a one-of-a-kind truck. Outside of the over $18k of add-on's on the outside, the powertrain has been taken to an incredible level with $17k in upgrades! Built by one of the DFW's best diesel guys, there is $35k in professional modifications.

Here is a summary from the diesel shop who did the work: First, we removed the engine and removed the upper and lower oil pans, front and rear covers. We welded the crack-shaft gear and installed an H&S billet oil pressure regulator to keep the oil pressure more consistent. We replaced the gaskets and seals on the front and rear engine covers, installed new upper oil pan and installed a No Limit billet lower oil pan. All of the mounting hardware was replaced and torqued to spec. The lower oil pan has a higher oil capacity and allows the added turbo to drain oil into the pan. It is billet and polished. We reinstalled the engine and added an Exergy 10mm stroker fuel injection pump which flows more fuel. We replaced all of the fuel lines, supply, pressure and return, on the engine. The injectors were left stock. We installed a No Limit compound turbo set up which has a 76/85mm precision turbo and installed No Limit whistler 64mm turbo in the valley. All of the exhaust manifold gaskets and hardware were also replaced. We installed a No Limit piping kit and charge air cooler and had them custom powder coated to match the color of the truck. We used Vibrant for the hoses and clamps on the charge air side.> We also installed No Limit upper hose kit and coolant re-route kit to clean up the look of the engine bay. We custom fabricated a crank case vent that vent's back into the intake system so that it doesn't vent to the atmosphere. The truck was then custom tuned and should be producing approximately 700 hp to the wheels.

Call us! eCARHOUSE/DriveDirect.com over in Southlake, TX (NW Corner of DFW Airport)

2018 Ford F-350 King Ranch 4WD Turbo-Diesel Long Bed * One-of-a-Kind Custom! *
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