Purchasing Service
Do you want to buy a car without the hassle of a dealership? With our purchasing service, you can.
We offer a direct purchasing service for pre-owned vehicles that bypasses the dealership completely. Unlike most “out-fits” that label themselves as “auto brokers” or “car finders”, we're actually a fully licensed dealership. We have direct access to dealer-only sales, closed auctions and factory lease-return sales. You tell us what you want, we go source it directly from the same sources dealerships buy from. Best of all we do it at cost + a flat fee. No hidden fees, no incentive to up-sell you and no non-sense.

Also check out our current inventory of consignment's and trade's for sale.
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Benefits of the DriveDirect purchasing service:

We're professional vehicle inspectors and will hand-pick your car.

It's a flat fee service!

We do all the work! No wasting time and money at a dealership.

Pre-Owned Purchasing Service
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